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Romantic Sunlit Bride and Groom Photo

Whether we are in Punta Mita, Mexico, Florence, Italy, or Vancouver, Canada where this image was taken, we love to play with light! While some photographers are reluctant to shoot mid-day in the full sun, we understand the wedding day schedule isn't always designed for the optimal photography conditions. Especially at destination weddings when timing often prevent us from shooting at sunset, it's important to have the skills to create beautiful portraits at any time of day. When shooting in the middle of the day, we will look for open shade, but using backlight and creating flare to add a dreamy feel to a bride and groom portrait is another technique we often use.  Backlighting and lens flare look romantic when done correctly; to do so we are careful to choose locations where we can diffuse the light in order to expose properly for the couple. Here we filtered the light though the long grasses and placed the sun directly behind the bride, creating a soft rim light around her chin and face. I love the intimacy of this closeup photo and how the couple are completely captivated with each other as if we the photographers were not even there! The way their bodies are engaged with each other, their hands touching their faces and their lips almost touching, also emphasises the love and passion between this couple. 

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia.