Best Vancouver Indian Wedding Photographer

Best Vancouver Indian Wedding Photographer

Sikh Wedding Photographer, Vancouver, Canada

|We love the rich and meaningful traditions at Indian weddings. The goodbye ceremony when the bride leaves her family home is always an emotional time. For this photojournalistic image, Lynn used a Canon 135 mm f 2 on her Canon 5D camera from the opposite side of the car in which the groom was waiting to bring his new wife to her new family home. His silhouette frames the tender moment between daughter and father as they say farewell.

Indian Wedding Photojournalism 

Couples love natural, unposed photos of real moments. This type of wedding photo is often categorized as wedding photojournalism. The term photojournalism originally comes from newspapers and magazines to refer to visual storytelling with candid photos that little to no photographer direction or interaction. 

Wedding photojournalism is also about telling a story - the story of your wedding day! Instead of doing traditional formal poses or recreating images from other weddings or events, wedding photojournalists capture moments and emotions as they happen.  

Our previous jobs as photographers for travel and lifestyle magazines helped us hone our photojournalism skills, most importantly the skill of anticipation - anticipating what and when the "decisive moment" will happen & where we should be to capture it. We believe that the best Indian wedding photography should include formal posed photos, artistic portraits created with the guidance & vision of the photographer, and natural photojournalistic images like this one.  

Couples often ask us for advice on how to get natural looking wedding photos. Our main tip for them is simply to be in the moment! Let your wedding planner concern herself with the ceremony details and reception logistics and focus on what's really important - your family, your friends, and the person you are about to marry. Realize that some things may not go perfectly - a groomsmen might get drunk, a bridesmaid might break a heel, your flowers may be the wrong shade of pink-  and that's ok! Just brush it off & live in the moments of this once-in-a-lifetime day!

Location: Surrey, BC, Canada.

1/1250; f/2.0; ISO 200; 135.0 mm.