Ljubljana Wedding Photographer

Ljubljana Wedding Photographer

Top Slovenia Destination Wedding Photographer

What is the best place to get married in Europe? If you are planning a destination wedding in Europe, you'll probably look at romantic locations in France and Italy - the most popular European countries for destination weddings. Castle weddings in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux are often the first choice of couples looking in France and the Amalfi Coast, Venice, and Florence are the top locations in Italy.  But the possibilities are endless in the Europe and many brides and grooms are now looking for a wedding destination that is unique and off the beaten path. 

One option we recommend is Slovenia! We truly love the romantic cobblestoned town of Ljubljana in Slovenia, one of Europe's greenest cities and known as its "jewelbox". The capital city has a hilltop castle, river walks, and a vibrant town square. In many ways it is exactly how one imagines a classic picturesque European city but without the crowds, the international brand stores, and the expensive prices! In addition to the capital city, the fairytale town of Lake Bled is another great option. There, you can take a romantic carriage ride around the lake or or if you're feeling more adventurous, a canoe ride across it.  You can even have your wedding at Lake Bled's castle - imagine walking on the drawbridge across the moat to meet your groom! 

This destination wedding photo was taken in the Slovenia's capital Ljubljana. We loved exploring the city  with this couple during their portrait session. We walked along the river, over the famous triple bridge, and around Preseren Square. We even stopped along the way for some Kremsnita - Slovenia's famous and delicious cream cake. As the sun was setting, we walked by this fountain. It along with the cobble streets & the colored buildings made a beautiful setting for this couple. To enhance the romantic feel of the moment, we photographed the couple  through the droplets of water to add a layer of depth to this image.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

1/1600; f/2.2; ISO 100; 35.0 mm.