New York Wedding Photographers

New York Wedding Photographers

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The iconic Brooklyn Bridge is a favorite place for many wedding portrait sessions. Instantly recognizable, it simply says New York! The area beneath the bridge is called DUMBO (which is short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and it is great location for wedding photography in New York City. Gritty brick warehouse buildings dot the former manufacturing district now turned hipster hub, and there are different views of both the iconic Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges seemingly on every corner.

This wedding photo makes use of converging lines to create a dynamic composition. The use of the Canon 45mm tilt shift lens mounted on a Canon 5D 'classic' full-frame camera finely focuses attention on the couple while letting the bridge and other architectural elements blur deliciously in the background. 

Shot in the freezing cold of a January winter day, this Russian couple had several shots of brandy from their  homeland from a flask to stay warm as we explored the DUMBO area; they also kept close to bring up their body heat! The winter wind blew down her updo resulting in her tousled hair. That and their intimate embrace in this image gives it the sexy vibe we love!


1/1000; f/2.8; ISO 400; 45.0 mm.