Venice Italy Wedding Pictures

Venice Italy Wedding Pictures

Venice Elopement Photography | Bride and Groom Destination Portrait Session | 

Magical, fantastical Venezia…how about a portrait session in the Floating City to commemorate your wedding? What a great idea! We met our Vancouver bride and groom in one of Europe’s most romantic cities of Venice to celebrate their one-year anniversary. The bride brought along the custom-designed white beaded wedding gown she originally planned to wear for her Vancouver reception (she decided to wear a traditional Indian Langha instead) to don as we wandered the cobblestone streets of Venice. 

As everyone knows Venice is one of the most beautiful (and touristy!) cities in the world. Though 99% of the the visitors stay around the main square, a little location scouting reveals that you can find dozens of unique spots where you can have Venice all to yourself. This silhouette image was taken in a little alley just around the corner where the four of us ate one of the best homemade Italian meals of our lives! We love sessions like this as it allows us to reconnect with our couple and allows them the time to renew their relationship with a day devoted solely to each other! It also allows us to to create images not possible in the regular time and location constraints of a traditional wedding day.

Location: Venice, Italy.

1/80; f/5.6; ISO 1600; 93.0 mm.